COVID-19 │ No production or delivery delays

We are continuously assessing the latest information about the COVID-19 pandemic situation worldwide, allowing us to adapt to the situation quickly. 

Currently, our day-to-day operations are not affected, and we do not experience production or delivery delays.

Current situation in Denmark
There are currently no restrictions in Denmark. 

Status at hsa systems
At our offices in Denmark, we are working at full capacity and our production is running as normally. We are all paying attention to Health Authorities' advice on social distancing and disinfection in order to mitigate potential spread of the virus.

We are doing all we can to service you as normally, so you are not affected by the current situation.

Impacts on shipment
We are in close contact with our logistics partner and freight forwarders so we can respond to any changes in shipments. At present our logistics partner informs that daily operations are running as normally.

However, we recommend to place orders well in advance, as transit times tend to increase when the holiday season is approaching. 

Delivery time
We are shipping most orders under the standard delivery times. 

Let's keep each other updated
We are closely monitoring both the national and international situation and will let you know of any changes. We recommend and encourage you to also monitor your national situation closely and keep us updated on any significant changes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Last updated November 23, 2021