HS1000 Mail Table

HS1000 Mail Table

Powerful, reliable and precise mail tables
The HSA multi-purpose mail table ensures precise and reliable transport of envelopes, magazines, paper, cardboard and other stock.

Vacuum System
The mail table is equipped with three vacuum sections each individually controlled.
The divided vacuum system makes it possible to feed stock of all shapes and sizes, including very long pieces that remain unfixed until the alignment

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Line speed (variable)
up to 250 m/min
Line speed (fixed)
35 m/min & 70 m/min
Running direction
Left or Right
Encoder (built in)
9000 ppr
W 710 x L 1015 x H 925 mm
100 kg (approx)

In-line or off-line use
The mail tables can be used in-line as well as off-line.
A feeder-extension table provides space to add a feeder of your choice at the beginning of the unit.
The standard extension table is designed to accommodate feeder models up to A3 in size.

Fixed or variable speed
A programmable inverter controls three speed settings. Two settings are for a pre-defined fixed speed and one for a variable speed.
 The belt direction is reversed with the turn of a button.


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