PV950F Flat Carton Handling Unit

PV950F Flat Carton Handling Unit

HSAJET® Carton Handling Unit
The HSAJET® is a stand-alone solution for the handling and printing of unfolded cartons. The design of the vacuum-supported conveyance system ensures accurate transport of products, providing optimal conditions for high quality printing. The modular design features three modules – a feeder, printer and diverter. This allows a combination of feeder and printer, or printer and diverter for integration into existing line equipment.

Turnkey Solution
The combination of the HSAJET® software and the PV950 machine results in a compact overall solution for trouble-free print and verification of unfolded cartons in a pharmaceutical production.

HSAJET® Print and Verification
The HSAJET® Print and Verification system is the control centre of the machine, utilising a touch screen to provide the design of jobs, control of print, verification and eject, and interfacing to other associated equipment.

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HP TIJ 2.5
Print height
up to 38.1 mm (1½")
Print length
up to 145 mm (5.7'') standard
200-250 units/min
Carton size (leading edge)
75-285 mm
Carton size (height)
75-275 mm
Belt speed
5-90 m/min
115 / 230 VAC
1716 x 628 x 1383 mm (+50 mm height adjust)

Key Benefits HSAJET® Print & Verify System

  • Complete machine control by HSAJET® software and hardware
  • The unit enables the pharmaceutical company to comply with GAMP and 21 CFR part 11 and other regulatory requirements
  • Print and verification in accordance with ISO15415 and ISO15416 and other industrial standards
  • The most compact and maintenance-friendly system on the market

Key Benefits PV950F Flat Carton Handling Unit

  • Smooth and stable carton handling system
  • High-quality printing ensured by vacuum chambers and built-in encoder
  • The unit can print up to 38 mm high and 145 mm long imprints
  • 55 x 45 mm vision camera reading area (standard)
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Integrated ejection control system
  • Tool and format-free batch change
  • The unit is made from anodised aluminium, stainless steel and transparent polycarbonate
  • Easy maintenance access to all machine parts via large top covers and removable back cover



Pharmaceutical lay-flat media

Printing and verification of flat pharmaceutical packaging

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