PDF Tool now available

We've made printing from PDF fast and easy

Our new InkDraw add-on now lets you print directly from a PDF file. With a minimum of preparation and training needed, PDF Tool makes printing from PDF a seamless, secure and operator-friendly task.

InkDraw Mail mode with PDF Tool is available for CB6e and TIPC15 Premium print systems. 

Fast platform to ensure a smooth operation

With PDF Tool, we are introducing a platform that processes PDF files with unprecedented speed. PDF files for industrial printing can be substantial and rendering times are often long, stealing valuable time away from your production.

With PDF Tool, we have eliminated that. Regardless of file size, the platform renders the PDF file with no delay and in 10 seconds or less, you are ready to start printing, ensuring quick print job starts and smooth transitions between new productions.

Maximizing security. Minimizing risk of error.

PDF Tool offers an incredibly safe platform to print from and is ideal for print productions with no room for error. Often, printing from databases means working with sensitive data. We have designed PDF Tool with that in mind.

Once loaded, the PDF cannot be altered. The operator’s task is simply to define the print area by dragging a ribbon to cover the relevant data. PDF Tool ensures that the PDF file is printed as it is designed, which greatly limits liability for the print job operator.

video: PDF Tool explained

Watch the video below and see how fast and easy to use PDF Tool is. 


All around optimization

PDF Tool will be a valuable contributor in ensuring a cost-effective production:

  • Maximize up-time. Fast processing of the PDF means no time is wasted before print start or in between print jobs
  • Reduce mean time between failure. The platform remembers a PDFs individual settings and print progress, so you are able to quickly restart where you left off
  • Save time. Preparing the PDF for print is very simple, and only very basic training is required to use the platform
  • Increase control. PDF Tool offers operational safety and minimizes the liability related to printing sensitive data 


PDF Tool is useful across industries and for a wide variety of applications, including:
  • Addressing / mailing / numbering
  • Variable data printing
  • Automated layouts
  • Proprietary content, e.g. barcodes
  • Graphics, special fonts and logos