BV Bulk System

BV Bulk System

Lower your cost at high volume ink use
By using the BV Bulk system it is possible to continue using the original HP and HP partner inks, but with the benefit from low cost bulk in high volume productions.

Short ROI
Calculations show that the bulk system's return on investment is already reached after use of 2 litres of ink, equivalent to 50 cartridges.

Capability of bulk inks
Depending on application parameters, such as DPI, nozzles used, duty cycle and print speed, the throughput before nozzle failure will vary. Some inks allow a throughput per cartridge of 400-600 ml.

Individually controlled ink distributors
The BV Bulk system works with individually controlled ink distributors for each ink cartridge. The distributors are controlled via an electronic flow control, which enables easy replacement of cartridges simply by turning the ink flow off on the ON/OFF button placed on each distributor. By blocking the ink flow unnecessary spilling of ink is avoided. This also prevents the risk of contaminating the equipment with ink.

Height adjustment
Height adjustments between ink bottle and cartridge is important in order to obtain a constant flow of ink. With the BV bulk system this is done more freely, as the adjustment is done between the ink distributor and the cartridge.

The system runs with BS1 ml 1000 bottles and BSF 475 ml bottles for bulk supply stations and IM1 40 ml manifold quick disconnect cartridges. 

Go to Consumables (HP45) to learn more about ink available for bulk applications. 

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HP TIJ 2.5
Print height
Available for 1 to 4 ink cartridges of 12.7 mm each
100-240 VAC
Stainless steel and acetal



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