Exceptional design freedom with the intuitive MCX UniDraw Software
The MCX UniDraw Software offers you an intuitive, easy-to-use design platform from where you create your print job layouts. MCX UniDraw has all the features you need for easy job creation. Use predefined templates, create your own templates, or start a new layout.

You are given great freedom when designing print jobs for the MCX. The software lets you scale, rotate, place, and format freely and you can add as much content as you please.

You can easily add texts, dates, barcodes, 2D codes, QR-codes, and graphics to your layout. Rotate the objects freely, make links between contents, create prompts for the operator, upload new fonts and much more. The software is 100% Unicode compatible, supports all fonts and writing systems, comes with extensive content libraries, and many more useful features.

MCX printers are made for the globalised world
Printer and software are supplied with a language package that includes English, French, German,
Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. New menu languages can be added on the fly, and the software menues can be displayed in all languages and writing systems.

100% Unicode compatible - print text in any language 
Unlike most industrial printers on the market, you can easily design print jobs in any language and font you want. The software is 100% Unicode compatible and supports all languages, fonts and writing systems. The software comes with a large range of fonts for various writing systems. If new fonts are needed, you simply import the font to the software and printer, and it is instantly ready for use.

Prepare images for print in no time
Upload images in jpg, png, and bmp formats to the software, and they are instantly usable. The MCX software offers automatic dithering, and the image is prepared for print in no time.

Layout highlights:

  • Barcodes: Variable barcodes, large library with standard barcodes, including Datamatrix and QR codes, GS1 barcodes. 
  • Graphics: jpg, png, and bmp, automatic dithering, scalable graphics
  • Text: Bold/italic/underline, left/right/center alignment, unlimited number of characters, alphanumerical text in all languages, full Unicode support in text
  • Date: Free definition of date format, unlimited date format strings, localised date formats, real time and adjustable
  • Counters: Free counter formatting, digit count and thousand-digit separators
  • Shift codes: Unlimited number of rules without string length limit
  • Object options: Free rotation of objects, limitless content length, link between content, multiple type of data per field
  • Smart content relations: Field content can be linked from one to another, and the destination may be formatted differently. Relations make duplicate input unnecessary
  • Dataset and product lists: A dataset (csv) can be added to the layout to print as a list, for example as a product list
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Design Software
MCX UniDraw
PC requirements
Windows (Win 10, 64-bit, or later versions required)
Menu languages
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish are included. Other languages available upon request

Freedom in print design
In the MCX software you work with fields and not lines. This means that the layout is not restricted to few lines and font sizes are not restricted to a small selection. 

You can scale, rotate, place and format any field as you please.

There is no limit on content length, number of fields, string length or number of barcodes. 

Smart content relations
Field content can be linked from one to others, and the destination may be formatted differently. Thanks to relations between field content, it is unnecessary to dublicate input.