HS600 Desktop Conveyor

HS600 Desktop Conveyor

Precise transport of stock
To obtain a perfect print, precise transport of stock is required. For a typical off-line solution, the HS600 printer conveyor is equipped with a bounce roller kit positioning the paper when it is received from the feeder. The stock is moved along the conveyor by 5 belts and 2 vacuum chambers, ensuring precise transport prior to and during printing.

Flexible printing solution
High resolution prints of 2400 x 600 DPI are made with the HP TIJ 2.5 based printheads. A standard configuration allows a choice of 12.7 mm up to 101.6 mm (4") print height (in two rows).

In-line solution with up to 6" print height
For in-line use, depending on the application, the conveyor can be utilised in full by placing a third printhead, allowing up to 152.4 mm (6") print height.

Quickly change from in-line to off-line use
The conveyor will fit in-line with labellers, folders, inserters or other equipment. With the attachable extension table you can easily place a feeder unit at the end of the conveyor.

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Line speed (variable)
up to 90 m/min
Line speed (fixed)
Running direction
From Left to Right
Encoder (built in)
10.000 ppr
Dimensions (HS600 only)
386 x 732 x 140 mm (WxLxH)
25 kg

High resolution print
The HSA desktop printer conveyor ensures superior printing quality at high speed utilising HSAJET printers. HSA Systems offers different controllers, each with unique features – for example, small compact units or advanced controllers for database running.


  • Ideal compact solution for printing e.g. envelopes, magazines and documents
  • High speed - line speed 90 m/min (equivalent to 22,000 C5-envelopes per hour)
  • Up to 8 or 12 printheads per unit (4"-6")
  • Formats up to 305 mm wide
  • Multiple possibilities of working access, e.g. TIPC15 or MiniTouch, with F-type or Premium printheads
  • Two controllable vacuum sections
  • Smart aluminium design



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