Micron MCHP1

Micron MCHP1

Unique small controller and printer in one unit
- ideal for repeat printing job 
The Micron is an 'out-of-the-box' unit. Place an ink cartridge in the stall, connect to power and print instantly by pushing a button.

Easy to integrate
The printer takes up very little space. Not much more than the actual print cartridge itself. This makes it very easy to integrate in e.g. packing lines or on label dispensers.
Print horizontally or simply change the position of the printer 90° for printing vertically/down.

Built-in sensor
The Micron printer has an internal sensor. If external sensor is required connect this directly to the printer.
The sensor distance is easily selected when designing the print job.

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HP TIJ 2.5
Print height
max. 12.7 mm (½") (1 cartridge)
1 pen integrated
Print distance
0.5-2.0 mm (nozzle to print surface)
15 V (power supply included)
1 print job in unit
Design software
MiniDraw (PC)
Stainless steel
107 x 86 x 87 mm
0.53 kg

Load print job from USB-key
Build your print job on a PC using the free MicroDraw software delivered with the printer. Transfer to USB-key and connect to your Micron printer and you are ready to print.
The layout can be saved to the internal memory and the USB-key may be removed.

Ink cartridges
A wide range of inks for each application is available:
spot colours, UV inks or fast drying inks.
The printer allows parameter settings for each ink to reach the best performance in all situations.