XJ128 Printers

XJ128 Printers

Key features

  • Prints in any direction
  • Ideal for 'sell by' and 'batch-numbering' applications, form print and small barcode printing
  • Flexible and modular construction, connect 16 single 17.5 mm printers or combine printers in modules of up to 4 (70 mm print height)
  • Maximum print height per controller or controller board is 280 mm
  • Prints 185 dpi at a speed of up to 60 m/min with high speed head (wetting)
  • 40 or 80 pL drop size available

Compact or umbilical versions available
An umbilical provides extra flexibility when installing the printer, and it is required for all applications for top/down printing.
The connection between the umbilical and the printhead is available with a straight connection or with an elbow connection.
If no umbilical is required, the printers are available as compact models.

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Piezo Drop on Demand inkjet
Print height
17.5-280 mm
17.5, 35.0, 52.5, 70.0 mm
Stainless steel
Weight (ink supply)
1.8 kg
Dimensions (ink supply)
203 x 170 x 60 mm


HSAJET® Piezo Inkjet

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