Complete mailing and addressing systems

Complete mailing solutions for print of addresses directly from databases


We deliver solutions that cover most needs for professional addressing and post applications.

We provide complete addressing systems incl.

  • HSAJET® OPC controller with 3½" print height (HP)
  • Mail InkDraw software for variable data printing
  • Product feeder
  • HS1500 or HS1000 vacuum transport unit
  • Exit tray or exit conveyor

Depending on the customer's needs, the system can be delivered with different printers and different sizes of feeders. For a solution for print of variable data directly from a database (e.g. addresses), we offer controller board based PC solutions or the TIPC15 touch controller. 

Print of addresses directly on plastic wrapping

HSA Systems offers inks that can print directly on wrapping, eliminating the need for labels