HSAJET® Thermal Inkjet MCX Printers

Small in size - great in performance

The HSAJET® MCX printer offers you a compact, powerful and versatile coding solution. Its core task is to give you freedom and flexibility in design, allowing you to easily mark your packaging with a wide variety of information.

Premium print quality at high speed

With the HSAJET® MCX printer, the bar is set high. In comparison with similar printers, the HSAJET® MCX printer assures you top of the line print quality. Performing consistent, very accurate and sharp images at a high speed, you can be sure to keep production lines moving without compromise.

Choosing the HSAJET® MCX printer guarantees you flexibility, reliability, and operational ease and safety – designed to give you most possible up-time.

Additionally, you get all the benefits from the HP TIJ 2.5 technology: A clean and practically maintenance free solution, easy cartridge replacement, high-speed and high-resolution printing. 

The MCX Printer Series is compatible with HSAJET® ink cartridges with Smart Card technology (SC).

Ink cartridges with smart card technology

A wide range of inks for each application is available: Black and coloured inks, water-based for porous substrates as well as solvent-based inks for non-porous substrates.

The smart card technology ensures correct settings of the cartridge to obtain the best performance in all situations. You can easily change between different types of inks to easily adapt the printer to a new production. The printer will automatically detect the new cartridge and set the print parameters correctly.

Mark your products and packaging with a large variety of product information, such as:

  • Alphanumerical text in all languages (full Unicode support)
  • Production and best before dates (all date formats and localisation for all languages)
  • Variable barcodes and 2D codes, e.g., ECC200, GS1 DataMatrix and QR-codes
  • Graphics (jpg, png, and bmp)
  • Lot / Batch numbers, counters, shift codes