Print directly on food packaging

print on food packaging

Best Before dates and lot-numbers printed directly on food packaging with ink for non-porous materials from HSAJET®

Thanks to an extensive range of HSAJET® ink cartridges with excellent adhesion on foils, wraps, plastics and other non-porous packaging materials used in the food industry, it is possible to print product information directly on most types of food packaging.



Printing lot-numbers on labels

print on jam jars

Printing lot numbers on labels on the side of jam jars

Print on egg trays

print on egg tray
Print of production date and Best Before date on top of egg trays


Niels & Grete is a Danish organic hen farm which needed a simple solution for printing the Best Before date and production date on egg trays. The solution from HSA Systems was a Minitouch with a 2-pen F-Type printhead installed on a packing line for eggs, where the Best Before date is printed on a label on top of the egg trays.



Date, time and barcodes on outer packaging

date time printing on products

Print of date, time and barcodes on outer packaging

The Philadelphia cream cheese is packed in cartons, which are marked with the date and time on one side and a barcode containing various production information on the other side. The print is made by an HSAJET® printer at Mondelez in Germany.