Professional post applications

Complete postal systems with printer, feeder, mailing software, and transport unit


HSA Systems supplies postal systems for print of post indicia and cancellation of mails. 

The system can be delivered with different printers and feeders depending on the customer’s needs. For a solution for print of variable data directly from databases, we offer controller board-based PC solutions. For a simpler solution for print of a less data, the system can be delivered with a MiniTouch or a MiniKey printer. 

Our postal systems can be delivered with HSAJET® Mail InkDraw. From this software the print job can easily be designed, and the actual printing process can be controlled. The software is compatible with most database formats and it has a read & print feature which makes it easy to connect a camera to the system for verification of the print.

Print of post indicia on envelopes

Postal systems that complies with the requirements of the French Post


In France, HSA Systems has delivered postal systems to many companies requiring an all-in-one and easy to use solution for print of e.g. "Logo Alliage", "Port payé" and "Courrier industriel". The HSAJET® postal systems complies with the requirements of the French Post and other national standards for postal printing.