HSA Systems has been authorised licensee of HP Inkjet Technology since 2001. Since then, we have developed several printers based on HP Inkjet technology.

We offer the full range of HP 45A inks from HP.

HSA Systems has worked with Kao Collins since 2004. Kao Collins is a licensed HP ink manufacturer and produces ink for HP and piezo technologies, among others.

HSA Systems offers the full range of HP 45A inks in cartridges as well as bulk solutions from Kao Collins.

General is a licensed HP ink manufacturer.

HSA Systems offers a selection of General's HP 45A inks. 

streamfeeder partner
Thiele Technologies' Streamfeeder product line offers automation solutions for the commercial printing, contract packaging and mailing & fulfilment industries.

HSA Systems offers feeders from the Streamfeeder product line.  

Xaar is a manufacturer of piezoelectric drop-on-demand industrial inkjet printheads.

The first printers developed by HSA Systems back in 1999 were based on the Xaar 128 technology.