HSAJET® Infinity Printheads

HSAJET® Infinity Printheads

HSAJET® Infinity Printheads for up to 44 mm Print Height
The HSAJET® Infinity printheads are available in two versions: 22 mm and 44 mm.
Each single printhead enables a large print swath of up to 22 mm print height with no stitching at up to 1200 DPI, which enables printing of a large variety of information in high resolution, such as.

  • All types of barcodes, e.g. 1D and 2D codes
  • Alphanumeric texts
  • Date & Time
  • Addresses
  • Batch & Lot number
  • Counters & Shift codes
  • Graphics

22 mm Print Height with No Stitching at up to 1200 DPI
The HSAJET® Infinity printers are built upon the innovative HP TIJ 4.0 technology, which is perfect for high-volume printing applications that demand high speed and high-resolution coding.

High Volume Ink Supply 
Ink supply to the printheads comes from the easy placeble 22mm print cartridge and 775 ml bulk ink cartridge. Average ink throughput of the print cartridge is 1.2 litres besfore it needs to be replaced. 

Robust and Compact Industrial Design
The printheads are made from hard anodised aluminium with a CrN-treated aluminium footplate. The print cartridges is replaced easily and locked securely in the printheads by a reversible latch. Each printhead has a keypad with a LED print ready indicator and purge button. 

Specially Designed Accessories for Easy Maintenance of HSAJET® Infinity Printheads
The print cartridge can stay in the printer overnight and between productions thanks to the specially designed magnetic protection cap preventing the nozzles from drying out. The rotatable down print bracket makes it easy to clean the printhead nozzles without removing the print cartridge from the print stall.

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HP TIJ 4.0
Print height
Up to 44 mm - 22 mm per pen
Print distance
1 - 5 mm (nozzle to print surface), dependent on speed, typically 0.5-3.0 mm
Up to 1200 x 1200 DPI
Print Speed
Up to 365 m/min
HSAJET® 22mm Print Cartridge (replaceable printhead)
Anodised aluminium, black and natural


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