HSAJET® Infinity Controllers

HSAJET® Infinity Controllers

HSAJET® Infinity Controllers with InkDraw 3.0
HSAJET® Infinity Controllers are powerful industrial printer controllers in stainless steel built with an HSA Systems PCI express controller and I/O boards. The controller is supplied with the advanced HSAJET® InkDraw software for design and operation of printjobs. 

InkDraw 3.0 software is one of the most versatile software packages for inkjet printing available on the market. Among other features, the HSAJET® Infinity printers offer full database connectivity for print from a range of databases and directly from PDF files.

The HSAJET® InkDraw 3.0 software can be used for different productions and industries and meets the demands within product identification, as well as mailing and commercial printing.

Infinity Controller for 44 mm Print Height
The HSAJET Infinity Controller, 44 mm, can control print heights up to 44 mm, either as single 44 mm Infinity printhead, or as two 22 mm Infinity printheads.  

Easy Connection of External Hardware
The Infinity Controllers have inputs for easy connection of various hardware, such as printheads, bulk system, I/O Interface Box, sensor, encoder, beacon, screen, etc, as well as inputs for Serial and Ethernet connection.



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HP TIJ 4.0
Print height
up to 44 mm
Infinity Printheads, 22 mm and 44 mm
Design software
Infinity InkDraw 3.0, incl. Event/Stacker
100-240V AC (internal power supply)
Stainless steel




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