CBF PRINT BOARD for PC integration

CBF PRINT BOARD for PC integration

Flexible controllers for many industries such as mailing, graphics, coding & marking
The CBF is available as a board for integration but HSA Systems also offers 2 versions of pre-configured windows based controllers. The Office style Printer Controller (OPC) in either 2" or 4" print height version, and the Rack style Printer Controller (RPC) in 6" or 8" print height version.

Expand the print height
Each CBF is PCI based and can control up to 2" of print height. For additional print height more controller boards can be installed providing up to 8" print height from one controller.

Dependable communication
Each CBF has encoder, sensor and serial connection. Ethernet communication is made through the PC's LAN. If required the printers can be controlled remotely via our comprehensive communication protocol. The CBF boards can be configured to control up to 8 output signals for external equipment.

Powerful solution
A variety of printheads are available for side as well as down-print applications.

With a CBF based solution there is full freedom in head offset as well as high accuracy in X and Y stitching. The combination of hardware and software provides a powerful printing solution for integration as well as turnkey applications.

Print directly from various database file formats
Our controller boards solutions allows printing directly from various database file formats, such as *.sql *.mdb, *.xls and *.csv. 


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HP TIJ 2.5
Print height
up to 101.6 mm (4") (2'' per CBF)
F-type printheads
100-240 VAC
Design software
OBJ InkDraw
Design software
Mail InkDraw
167 x 130 x 18 mm
0.136 kg

HSAJET® Software
CBF solutions are controlled by our software with versions specially designed for Coding & Marking, Mailing or Pharmaceutical applications. The intuitive software has all necessary features including database connection.

The intuitive software includes all necessary features, such as:

  • database connection
  • Ethernet / serial communication
  • graphic and logo objects
  • counters
  • shift codes
  • variable text
  • fixed text
  • linear and 2D barcodes
  • date & time (real-time & adjusted)
  • Windows fonts


CBF controller board