F-type Printheads

F-type Printheads

HSAJET® F-type printheads
Every stall in our F-type printheads has a switch. This has been added to avoid damage to the printhead if the ink cartridge is removed from the stall during print mode.
If a cartridge is removed, the power to the printhead is cut off.

The printheads are available in 1-pen, 2-pen, 3-pen and 4-pen configurations.

HSAJET® F-type printheads work with following controllers

MiniTouch Touch Controller
TCUF Tiny Controller Unit
TCUF-INT Tiny Controller Unit w. int. display & keyboard
CUF Controller Unit
CBF Controller Board

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HP TIJ 2.5
Print height
12.7 mm (½") per pen
12.7-50.8 mm / 1 to 4 pens
Print distance
0.5-2.0 mm dependent on ink and speed (nozzle to print surface)
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Standard cables
2 m 25-pin M-F
Optional cables
3 m and 5 m 25-pin M-F

HSAJET® printheads
The HSAJET® printheads are available in two different versions: Top and Side/low. The physical dimensions of each version along with cable connector directions provide advantages for each printhead. This facilitates the installation.
The robust stainless steel design meets the demands for production environments.