Self-adhesive labelling is becoming increasingly popular for use on high quality product equipment. The advantages consist of a high print quality and the ability to use plastic labels. For partially printed labels, it is also possible to print additional variable information using a thermal inkjet device.

The new fast and good-quality adhesive inks from HP together with the high-resolution printing system from HSA Systems result in a print which is barely distinguishable from the already printed label. The print quality of the additional print can hardly be distinguished from the content of the pre-printed label.

When using a printhead, the inscription can be designed at any height up to 12.7 mm, allowing you to print barcodes, 2D codes and logos in addition to product information and time details. Cascading printheads allow an open upper print height, which is limited only by the size of the label.

The application and use of an HSA System in a GERNEP labeller for printing additional variable data on labels for wine bottles are described here. The project was carried out by the company IMA Control.

The labels are applied using a HERMA H400 label dispenser. In this application, two single printheads have been installed, which can be used to print two different impressions in any position over the entire label area.

Precise speed-dependent label transfer is performed by precisely controlling the HERMA dispenser in the GERNEP labeller. This enables exact positioning of the label and imprint on the bottle.

The open system of input signals on the HSA controller allows you to apply the required signals for speed and print start directly from the control unit. 

self label machine

The advantages are:

  • No additional costs for label components
  • Shorter set-up times when changing products
  • Shorter cleaning and maintenance times
  • Innovative and exclusive label design
  • A virtually maintenance-free printing system

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