HSAJET® K4022si Thor Solvent Black Ink

The Thor Black Solvent Ink gets an upgrade

The HSAJET® K4022si Thor Black Solvent Ink is a new and improved version of the K4021si. The updated K4022si formula outperforms the K4021si in several areas. 

Enhanced adhesion and exceptional resistance
K4022si performs excellently on a variety of difficult non-porous surfaces, such as metallic surfaces, aluminium foil, blister foil, OPP, PE, PET film, UV coated papers, nylon, and other glossy and non-porous substrates. Apart from that, the ink provides exceptional resistance against abrasion and tape peeling. 

Improved performance and long shelf life
The K4022si performs excellently at both low and high speeds, and it produces very dense, dark images with sharp edges. It has an improved 12-month shelf life (compared to the previous 6 months), a good decap time of 1 hour and a fast drying time of 2-4 seconds depending on the print media.

By opting for HSAJET® K4022si Thor Black Solvent Ink, you get:

  • 1-hour decap time 
  • Fast dry time
  • 12-month shelf life
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Highly resistant against tape peeling, abrasion, etc. 

All in all, Thor answers your customers' need for strong and lasting print results on challenging surfaces. 

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