InkDraw 3.0

InkDraw 3.0

Versatile software package for design and print control
HSA Systems’ in-house developed software, InkDraw 3.0, is a Windows based print job editing tool specially designed for HSAJET® Premium and HSAJET® Infinity printers.

InkDraw 3.0 is well-suited for a wide range of applications and industries and meets the demands within product identification and commercial printing, such as letter shops, labels, etc.

User-friendly interface
With InkDraw 3.0 it is easy for the user to create and design print jobs. The software has an intuitive graphical user interface that combines powerful functions with ease-of-use. The user interface is available in multible languages, such as English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Due to its user-friendly interface, InkDraw 3.0 allows you to define and run jobs within a few minutes. You can assemble images, text and barcodes and quickly arrange them into print messages. Text, date, logos, graphics, numbering, barcodes, and mail objects are easily created and precisely positioned. All objects are managed by drag and drop.

Print of fixed and variable data from various data inputs
InkDraw 3.0 handles input files such as XLSX, CSV and TXT. With the PDF Tool extension it is also possible to print directly from PDF files.

Remote network control
When used with HSAJET® Premium Printers, InkDraw 3.0 can be operated remotely via Ethernet. Our communication protocol makes it easy to let a master machine take control of the printer and to modify data remotely.

Important features

  • Easy creation of print jobs
  • Fast processing of print data
  • Real time design and print
  • Advanced text manipulation and filters
  • Advanced object link functions
  • All objects are freely movable and scalable
  • Unlimited number of any object types
  • Use of any Windows font
  • Large professional barcode library
  • Full production screen with a clear production overview
  • File manager with search options and adaptive search field

Take your production to the next level with advanced InkDraw extensions
In addition to the InkDraw standard package, we offer various extensions with features specially developed to meet the demands for different print productions and industries.

Mail Tool
Mail Tool is developed specifically to meet the specific requirements for printing applications within the mailing and addressing industries. Mail Tool includes out-signals for connection of e.g., stacker/bundle machine and sorting conveyor.

The Event/Stacker extension allows you to activate a signal further down the line, based on content or change in the database. It can be used to precisely control bundlers, pushers, sorters, cameras etc. 

PDF Tool
- Maximising Security. Minimising Risk of Error.
PDF Tool offers an incredibly safe platform to print from and is ideal for print productions with no room for error. PDF Tool processes PDF files with unprecedented speed. Regardless of file size, the platform renders the PDF file with no delay and in 10 seconds or less, you are ready to start printing, ensuring smooth transitions between productions. Read more about PDF Tool

Integration Tool
The Integration Tool is made for fast and simple integration between third-party software and hardware and the InkDraw software. The Integration Tool enables direct database search and allows data from third-party software to be sent to the HSAJET® printer for printing without the use of any protocol or programming. The InkDraw software interface shows real time database search, print count and print speed.


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Design Software
InkDraw 3.0
Printer Compatibilities
HSAJET CB6e and TIPC15 Premium Printers and HSAJET Infinity Printers
Operating Systems
Windows 8 to 11, 64-bit and 32-bit
Menu languages
English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. More languages available upon request.
Remote Network Control
Remote protocol for HSAJET CB6e and TIPC15 Premium Printers


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