HSAJET® MCX 4.3" Touch Controller

HSAJET® MCX 4.3" Touch Controller

Intuitive and user-friendly touch control 
HSAJET® MCX 4.3" Touch Controller is the control centre of the MCX printer. The controller offers a wide set of options to set up the printer, handle the print job and maintain the printer. Once installed and up and running, the MCX printers require very little maintenance.

Illustrative and easy to understand icons will guide you through all phases of your print job, making printing both simple and fast. 

Design. Transfer. Print.
Three simple steps and you are ready to print:

  1. Design your print job on your PC with MCX Software
  2. Transfer the print job to your printer
  3. Choose your print job and start printing

It is possible to store up to 32 print jobs in the HSAJET® MCX 4.3" Touch Controller at a time, which allows for an easy switch between print jobs and for a quick adaption to a new production. 

Fine tune parameters while you print
The flight mode adjust feature allows you to fine tune print alignment and offsets without stopping the line to easily obtain the best print result. 

User interface in all languages
A language package with English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish is included. New languages and fonts can be added to the controller on the fly, enabling user interface, menues and keyboard to be displayed in all languages and writing systems. 

Easy and flexible installation on production lines
The HSAJET® MCX 4.3” Touch Controller handles up to 2.0” (4-pens) print height. It can be placed directly on the side of the HSAJET® MCX Printers for a small compact solution, or separately with other control units in your production.

We offer a full set of specially designed brackets for easy installation on production lines for horizontal and vertical printing.

Ink cartridges with smart card technology ensure optimal print performance
The MCX Printer Series is compatible with HSAJET® ink cartridges with Smart Card technology (SC). The smart card technology ensures correct settings of the cartridge to reach the best performance in all situations. You can easily change between different types of inks to easily adapt the printer to a new production. The printer will automatically detect the new cartridge and set the print parameters correctly.

From the MCX 4.3'' Touch Controller you can see real time ink cartridge information, such as ink cartridge name, settings and ink level. The Touch Controller will give you warnings when it's time for the cartridge to be serviced or changed to ensure optimal print performance. 

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The HSAJET® MCX 4.3” Touch Controller is used with HSAJET® MCX printers. 


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HP TIJ 2.5 w. Smart Card technology
User Interface
4.3'' TFT LCD (resistive touch)
MCX 0.5" Printer (1 pen), MCX 1.0" Printer (2 pens), MCX 1.5" Printer (3 pens), MCX 2.0" Printer (4 pens), and MCX 0.5" Printer (2 pens) SBS
Design software
MCX Software for Windows (on PC)
Language packages included
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish (Full Unicode support - User interface, menus, and keyboard can be translated into any language)
Remote Control
Access to files, databases, content, parameters, and functions
Flight Mode
Fine tuning of parameters and print alignment during production
Black anodised aluminium, black zinc plated steel
0.49 kg
92 x 116.5 x 48 mm (HxWxD)

Exceptional design freedom with the intuitive HSAJET® MCX Software
Print jobs are designed with the intuitive MCX Software, which has all the features you need for easy job creation. Use predefined templates, create your own templates, or start a new layout.

You are given great freedom when designing print jobs for the MCX. You can easily add texts, dates, barcodes, 2D codes, QR-codes, and graphics to your layout. Rotate the objects freely, make links between contents, add datasets to the layout to print as a product list, create prompts for the operator, , and much more - the possibilities are almost endless. 

Upload images in jpg, png, and bmp formats to the software, and they are instantly usable. The MCX software offers automatic dithering, and the image is prepared for print in no time.

The printer and software are 100% Unicode compatible, supports all languages, fonts and writing systems. Simply import any font to the software and printer, and it is instantly ready for use.

When the print job is designed, you simply transfer it to the Touch Controller, where it is stored in the job bank. 




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HSAJET® MCX Printer Series

Small and compact in size but with a big personality, the MCX printers are powerful and versatile printing solutions.

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