HSAJET® MCX Compact Printers

HSAJET® MCX Compact Printers

Top of the line print quality for product marking
Small and compact in size but with a big personality, the MCX printers are powerful and versatile printing solutions. The MCX printers are the perfect fit to the coding requirements within a large variety of industries, such as pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, personal care, veterinary and construction.

Powerful performance
Equipped with a powerful engine, the MCX printers deliver high-speed, high-resolution coding and marking with no performance reduction regardless of layout length and content. 

Ink cartridges with smart card technology
The MCX Printer Series is compatible with HSAJET® ink cartridges with Smart Card technology (SC). The smart card technology ensures correct settings of the ink cartridge to obtain the best performance in all situations. You can easily change between different types of inks to readjust the printer to a new production. The printer will automatically detect the new cartridge and set the print parameters correctly.

Smart card technology gives you:

  • Automatic detection of ink cartridge
  • Automatic ink parameter settings
  • Real time ink level information.
  • Low ink warning

Up to 2'' print height
The MCX printers are available in four standard versions: 

  • HSAJET MCX Compact 0.5" Printer (1 pen) SC
  • HSAJET MCX Compact 1.0" Printer (2 pens) SC
  • HSAJET MCX Compact 1.5" Printer (3 pens) SC 
  • HSAJET MCX Compact 2.0" Printer (4 pens) SC 

A 0.5'' Side-By-Side version is also available for dual cartridge non-stop printing, dual colour printing, and double resolution printing. 

Intuitive user interface from the HSAJET® MCX 4.3" Touch Controller 
The MCX printers are operated from the HSAJET® MCX 4.3" Touch Controller. Illustrative and easy to understand icons will guide you through all phases of your print job, making printing both simple and fast. 

Full design freedom with the intuitive HSAJET® MCX UniDraw Software
The intuitive MCX UniDraw Software has all the features you need for easy print job design. From the software you can setup whatever print job you need for easy marking of your products and packaging with a large variety of product information, such as:

  • Alphanumerical text in all languages (full Unicode support)
  • Production and best before dates (all date formats and localisation for all languages)
  • Variable barcodes and 2D codes, e.g., ECC200, GS1 DataMatrix and QR-codes
  • Graphics (jpg, png, and bmp)
  • Lot / Batch numbers
  • Counters
  • Shift codes

Large range of ink cartridges with smart card technology
A wide range of inks for different applications is available: Black and coloured inks, water-based for porous substrates as well as solvent-based inks for non-porous substrates.

Find our large range of consumables here.

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0.5'' Printer (1 pen), 1.0'' Printer (2 pens), 1.5'' Printer (3 pens), and 2.0'' Printer (4 pens)
HP TIJ 2.5 with smart card technology
Print height
Up to 50.8 mm (2'') (depending on printer - 12.7 mm per pen)
Print distance
0.5-5.0 mm dependent on ink and speed (nozzle to print surface)
Print Speed
182 m/min @ 300 x 300 dpi
Layout options
Alphanumeric texts, all date formats, barcodes, incl. 2D codes, QR codes and GS1 Datamatrix, graphics ,etc.
Horisontal: 100-2400 dpi (variable). Vertical: 300 or 600 dpi
Design Software
MCX Software
Unlimited language support. Menus, print data, keyboard input and date formatting possible in all languages
Remote control
Protocol for remote control
Anodised aluminium, black and natural
Power (0.5'' and 1.0'' printers)
24 VDC | 2.5A | 60W
Power (1.5'' and 2.0'' printers)
24 VDC | 3.8A | 90W
Power supply
100-240 VAC | 50-60 Hz
Dimensions & Weight (0.5'' printer)
133 x 92 x 79.5 mm | 0.62 kg
Dimensions & Weight (1'' printer)
133 x 104.3 x 105.3 mm | 0.89 kg
Dimensions & Weight (1.5'' printer)
133 x 116.6 x 124.8 mm | 1.02 kg
Dimensions & Weight (2'' printer)
133 x 129 x 150.7 mm | 1.26 kg

Design. Transfer. Print
Three easy steps and you are ready to print. Design your print job on your PC with MCX Software. Transfer the print job to your printer. Choose your print job and print.

When you insert a cartridge into the printer, the printer automatically detects the cartridge and sets the parameters for optimum print performance.

Up to 32 print jobs can be stored in the HSAJET MCX 4.3'' Touch Controller, which allows you to choose between print jobs and easily adapt the print job to your production. When you start your production, you simply choose the print job you would like to print.



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HSAJET® MCX Printer Series

Small and compact in size but with a big personality, the MCX printers are powerful and versatile printing solutions.

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